Concert / Erik Bosgraaf & Jorrit Tamminga: Doppelgänger

Särestöntie 880, 99110 Kaukonen


Erik Bosgraaf’s two Dobbelgänger concerts are part of the Hiljaisuuden vieraana concert series. At the concert The gentle soundscape of medieval, wooden flutes is given an interesting partner in sound manipulation, as the acoustic sound of the flute is transformed through digital manipulation into a sound that is detached from this world, like a doppelganger of the original sound. Jorrit Tamminga’s live electronics amplify, echo and bring out the most sensitive elements of the recorder. The concert programme includes both improvisation and composed music. Erik Bosgraaf, who has toured extensively in Europe comes to perform in Kaukonen, Kittilä. Dutch musician and conductor Bosgraaf has a special talent for creating large musical ensembles with his small instrument. The history of the recorder goes back to the Middle Ages, but its versatile and mellow sound also lends itself to new art music. The special lighting and spatial design by Jukka Huitila deepens the concert experience and adds a visual dimension to the musical experience in Särestöniemi art museum. Concerts in Särestöniemi-museum’s Studio 22.3.2024 at 18.00 23.3.2024 at 16.00 Duration: 1h no intermission Tickets 30€ / 22€ from Tiketti or 30 minutes prior the performance at the door

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