Explore amazing nature of Ylläs with its 8 different kind of seasons, 7 fells, northern lights, wilderness and Pallas-Ylläs National park. Find the equipment for your private adventures by your own or book a guided tour in Ylläs with us. We are a small team with private service, and our passion is to help you with your experiences in Ylläs. Our team is enthusiastic for outdoors and we have plenty of ideas and tips for you to share before your adventures. In addition of guided tours, would it be great to enjoy the nature with your small group and own party only? Welcome to find your options for winter fun and different activities, like cross country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, MoonBike -driving, kids’ snowmobiling, snowsurfing, searching for the northern lights, evening activities, snowmobile trip to SnowVillage, relaxing in a hot tub after your activity day, and other memorable adventures.