Guesthouse Sivakka offers traditional and old-fashioned accommodation where all business of Holiday Resort Seita once began. Guesthouse Sivakka was built in the 1960’s when spacious accommodation and proper sound proofing were relatively unknown concepts. The joys and sorrows of life were shared by all. Times have changed, and so have the expectations on holiday resorts, but old traditions still hold their value. Guesthouse is an affordable option for those who travel alone and they might even get new friends from Sivakka. Today the Sivakka has been updated to meet modern standards. The guesthouse offers accommodation at an affordable price and the same services as elsewhere in the Holiday Resort Seita. Sivakka is about 100 meters away from the hotel reception and restaurants. Sivakka is ideal for big families or friends and the living room can also be used as a meeting room.