Ylläs offers a diverse range of restaurants during both the winter and summer seasons. Menu options include traditional home cooked food with a local touch such as pizza, burgers and Lappish sautéed reindeer as well as beautifully presented five-course meals.

Most of the restaurants use locally harvested and pure ingredients like wild herbs, berries and mushrooms, and fish and meat are preferably sourced directly from nature. The unique landscapes of the area make dining an exceptional experience – you can enjoy a meal on the top of Ylläs fell, in the tranquility of the forest, or by the calm lake.

Many restaurants and cafes also offer a take-away option and special dietary requirements have not been forgotten.

Culinary adventure

From nature to plate

Have you ever tried ‘kurniekka’ or tasted semi-wild local food? Familiar with the exquisite taste of spruce sprouts or homemade natural juices? In Ylläs, there’s a wide selection of restaurants and cafes with distinctive and high-quality offerings.

You can seamlessly combine a culinary exploration across diverse eateries with day-long adventures here. Whether it’s amidst a cycling trip or a skiing excursion, savor the smoky richness of reindeer soup at a wilderness café, take a satisfying break with burgers or pizzas at slope-side restaurants during your skiing day, and cap off your day’s adventure with a splendid dinner at one of the region’s top-notch restaurants.

From Ylläs, crafted in Ylläs

In Ylläs, we live in harmony with the seasons, and enjoy the ingredients of each. Amidst the magnificent fell landscapes, you can enjoy an active and delicious holiday. The region’s unique small and family businesses source ingredients locally and from nature. They craft authentic taste experiences for your plate and glass, all crafted by hand.

Explore the area’s restaurants through the stunning nature. Make your vacation a holistic experience. Welcome to a culinary adventure!

Wilderness cafes in Ylläs can be found along the most beautiful routes

For many people, Wilderness cafes are an essential reason to hike in Ylläs. Enjoying a cup of coffee and a homemade delicacy by the fireplace in a cozy log cabin in the middle of authentic Lapland nature is a perfect way to relax during a skiing or biking trip. These wilderness cafes don’t typically have electricity, and the warm glow of candles creates a unique and intimate atmosphere that can’t be experienced anywhere else. This is true luxury. These rest stops also provide an opportunity to meet other outdoor enthusiasts whom you might not otherwise encounter on the extensive trails. Wilderness cafes are popular among hikers and mountain bikers during the summer season as well.

What is a Wilderness cafe?

A more familiar term for these cafes without electricity and running water is probably “ski trail cafe,” but “wilderness cafe” is a more accurate term. The lighting comes from the fireplace and candles. The cafe operators bring the necessary water to the cafe from elsewhere every morning. Similarly, the pastries are often prepared in a different, electrified kitchen and then transported fresh to the cafe for serving. So, leave your own snacks at home and support local cafe entrepreneurs!

What are they serving in Wilderness cafes?

In several cafés, you can find soup and other savory dishes, as well as pancakes, pastries, and of course, fresh doughnuts. In addition to coffee and tea, wilderness cafés serve delicious hot juice, often made from local berries.

How to get there?

Cafés in the Ylläs region are located along popular routes and are easily accessible both in summer and winter. During the summer season, wilderness cafés can be reached on foot or by mountain bike, while in winter, you can get there by skiing, cycling, or walking along winter trails. Signs guide you to these cafés. Some of the cafes are also accessible by car. It’s advisable to check their opening hours in advance, but during the high season, they are open daily.