Support the trails by paying the trail fee

The trails in Ylläs are in need of help – and this isn’t just a small need, but a need amounting to tens of thousands of euros. The waves of inflation have hit the maintenance of the trails, resulting in a 20% increase in the cost of maintaining winter routes compared to two years ago. In addition to this, there’s a backlog in repairing the routes, and breakdowns of older grooming machines have created new pressure to collect funds for the route maintenance. During the winter of 2022-2023, the maintenance of the trails in Ylläs cost almost 600,000€, leaving a deficit of 86,000 euros.

To keep Ylläs at the top and maintain the ski trails accordingly, we simply need more funding. We’re reluctant to reduce the quantity or quality of the trails, and such measures will only be taken in extreme situations. However, the unfortunate reality is that without sufficient funding, we won’t be able to groom all the trails.

That’s why we’re asking for help. We’re gathering route funding from visitors, local businesses, holiday home owners, and the Municipality of Kolari.


For visitors, the easiest way to support the trails is pay the trail fee with Mobilepay App to number 16208 (available only for finnish), or to purchase an digital and/or paper map.

Mobilepay QR-code: Week 25€

Visitor-paid trail fees cover a third of the trail maintenance costs. That’s why everyone’s contribution is needed. By paying the trail fee, you ensure that Ylläs’ trails remain top-notch.

Pay with Paypal or Card

Visitor’s Trail fee

Week 25€
Winter + Summer (October 2023–2024)50€
You can also pay more with the amount of your choice.

Additionally, you can support the trails by purchasing Ylläs products or trail stickers, available at places like the Yllästunturi Visitor Centre Kellokas.

Holiday home Owners

For vacation home owners, we hope you pay the route fee per apartment. If each vacation home owner paid the route fee per apartment, the entire route network could be opened.

Holiday home’s trail fee170€ 
Over 6 person holiday home’s trail fee250€

Pay with Paypal or Card

Pay with invoice

Join the vacation home owners’ email list, and we will send the route fee invoice (170/250€ incl. 10% VAT) at the beginning of each winter season.

Pay with Mobilepay App

Pay the trail fee with Mobilepay App at number 16208 (“Ylläs reittimaksu”). Select the amount from the table above.

Mobilepay QR-code: 170€

Small streams create big rivers, and right now, we hope for a substantial flood. Transform into a stream and become part of the flood wave. Let’s save the trails together!

Ylläs Winter Trail Facts

  • XC Skiing 285km
  • Winter Biking 100km
  • Snowmobilie trails 400km
  • In season 2022-2023 maintenance cost was 600,000€. Fees were insufficient -86,000€
  • Three main sources for income are: Companies, holidays home owners and visitors + map sales
  • Fees are collected by Visit Ylläs, a private company, which is owned by local companies and Kolari Municipality.