Ylläs is an excellent base for fishing in Lapland

Fishing in Ylläs offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beautiful and pristine wilderness of the fells while trying to catch dinner. Standing quietly by the water in the Midnight sun of a Nightless night, you feel like you are one with nature. The area includes numerous lakes, ponds, rivers, and small streams where you can fish for trout, whitefish, perch, and pike. Perhaps the most unique fishing experience is trying traditional Finnish salmon fishing – wild salmon migrate to the nearby Tornion-Muonionjoki River, which is one of Europe’s best salmon rivers and is located about a 30-minute drive from Ylläs. Ylläs is an excellent base for fishers, offering diverse fishing opportunities in both summer and winter, suitable for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike. Remember to familiarize yourself with the necessary permits (eräluvat.fi) before your trip!

A fishing trip is always a holistic experience, even if you don’t catch any fish. Angling, trolling, ice fishing, and fly fishing are activities enjoyed not only by adults but also by the youngest members of the family.

Fishing equipment rental

Fly fishing

The most popular fishing method in Ylläs is fly fishing. This challenging sport requires focus on both the moment and the cast. While waiting for the fish to bite the bait, there is time to relax and enjoy the midnight sun of Lapland and the buzzing of mosquitoes, which is all part of the experience. Standing in the river with wading boots, you feel your own smallness – being one with the vast and powerful nature.

Fly fishing involves much more than just the fishing process. Handmade flies are one aspect of the sport. It’s exciting to see if your own fly is enticing enough for the fish to bite or if it scoffs at your creation and swims away. The thrill is a significant part of the essence of the sport, even though it’s common for anglers to return home empty-handed. The good chances of catching fish in Ylläs are alluring and addictive.

Guided fishing tours

It’s advisable to explore fly fishing with a guide. This way, beginners can receive a good lesson with rental equipment, and experienced fly fishers can discover new waters.

Ice fishing

During the winter season, ice fishing is the primary method of fishing. In the heart of winter, fish are not as active, but with the arrival of the spring sun, perch become hungry. First, a hole is drilled through the ice, sometimes over a meter thick. Then, you choose an appropriate ice fishing lure, such as a golden spoon, and bait the hook with a small red maggot larva. Enjoying a day on the lake ice with good snacks while the warm sun shines down can be quite rewarding. Ice fishing is also suitable for children.

In most cases, you do not need permits for ice fishing, but in the Ylläs region, permits are required for certain lakes, such as Kesänkijärvi and Pyhäjärvi.

On a guided ice fishing trip, you don’t have to worry about anything except for your luck with catching fish.

Ice fishing tours

Great Salmon is a fisherman’s dream

Just a half-hour drive from Ylläs, you’ll find Europe’s largest free-flowing river, the Tornion-Muonionjoki. Especially during the summer, the salmon that migrate up the river, known as Väylä, turn this river into a fisherman’s paradise. Rowing for salmon in the midnight sun is an unforgettable experience. How would it feel to catch a salmon weighing over 10kg on your own lure? Whose strength will run out first in the final battle, yours or the salmon’s? You can rent boats for your own use, but with a guide, you can delve even deeper into the secrets of this sport.

Important Information

Please remember that fishing in rivers and certain lakes in the Ylläs area always requires a separate permit. Ylläs’ excellent fishing waters are closely monitored. Check eraluvat.fi to find out what permit you need. For example, the Äkäsjoki river has its own specific permit number, which is 2570. Ylläsjoki and Aakenusjoki, on the other hand, fall under fishing permit number 2410. You need your own fishing permit for Kesänkijärvi, but it’s free of charge.

A good place to check which permits are required in various areas is excursionmap.fi. Look for (hunting and fishing on the map layers. Also, check kalastusrajoitus.fi.

Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park has bodies of water where fishing is entirely prohibited. For detailed information, refer to the national park’s management and usage plan

Species size limits and closed seasons: Keep in mind that certain fish species have strict size limits that must be respected. Size limits can vary between different bodies of water. Some species, like trout, are completely protected, including in Äkäsjoki and Väylä. Illegal fishing for trout can result in fines of up to €4000. Check the current fishing regulations from the entities that sell permits.

There are no outhouses or trash cans along the riversides, so remember to take out what you brought in. Leave No Trace principles also apply to waterside areas.


Hunting is also possible in the vast state-owned lands of the Ylläs region. You can learn more about permits at: eraluvat.fi