Price 10–35

Rönölä market is open on Wednesday 17.7. and Thursday 18.7. On the market days, the program also includes open public sauna sessions. ● Check out the market program on our website Now you have the possibility to relax in the gentle heat of our wood-fired saunas during the public shifts in the afternoons during the market hours and in the evenings after the market ends: (1) Savotta sauna day shifts during the market hours from 12 to 15:00 (2) Two saunas, Savu and Savotta, day shifts during market hours from 15:00 to 17:00 (3) The peaceful evening sauna shifts in two saunas after the market buzz from 17:30 to 21 ● You can find out more about the schedule, pre-bookings and prices of the sauna sessions in our Events Calendar at