Our traditional smoke sauna is built from over hundred-year-old logs, and we heat it by request. The gentle warmth of the steam relaxes the body and mind, easing your muscles and setting your thoughts free. In front of the smoke sauna is an ice hole and the water is ice cold round the year. We set the table in the sauna’s comfortable and cozy fireplace room with drinks and delicacies from Lapland as requested for the occasion. The smoke sauna area is covered by our beverage licence, which due to Finnish regulations means that the catering must be agreed upon ahead of time. It takes 6-7 hours to heat the smoke sauna, depending on the playful moods of the weather. After three hours of warming up, the stones on the stove glow soft red. When the glow of the coals has faded away, our sauna master takes care of the final touches to make the sauna ready for you. The sauna still needs to be aired out for an hour before it is ready for you to step in its’ warmth. Bathing tub is front of the sauna. Warming up the tub´s water at the same time with smoke sauna cost 185 €. There is a frost limit to the heating of the smoke sauna and bathing tub.