The thrill of speed on a 10-kilometre husky safari in Tornedalen´s wilderness. We provide personal service and small groups! When everyone is ready, we take off on a 10 km Husky ride into Tornedalen´s wilderness. You will share the sled with you partner or friend, one driver and one passenger. Halfway we stop for photos and can change drivers, so everyone gets to drive the sled. After the tour you can play and interact with the brave dogs that made you Experienced a great adventure. We warm up around the fire in our cozy Grill cabin while drink hot forest berry juice and grilling traditional barbecue sausages. For desert, Coffee and local sweets. Here around the fire you will have good time to find out all about sled dogs and their history, we are also happy to tell local stories and about life in Swedish Lapland Duration of this safari is app. 3,5-4 hours including transfers. Maximum group size 8 persons + 1-3 children 5-13 years.