Price 10–250

Ylläs Bike Park is open on the summer season from mid June to early October. Longest DH Biking routes are 4 kilometers long. Gondola lift takes bikers to the top in seven minutes. Ylläs Bike Park offers the longest routes in Finland, starting at the top of the Ylläs fell. You can reach the top conveniently on the gondola lift. Ylläs Bike Park offers unmatched views of fell nature. From the barren fell landscape on the top to the green forest at the base, you get a range of different atmospheres and terrain at Ylläs. Ylläs Bike Park offers routes for all skills levels, from beginning to advanced enduro riders – the speed is up to you! Beginners can learn the basics and still have fun by starting at a lower point of the fell side. Practising and learning the basics first on easier routes makes it safer to try the long routes from the top. There is a Training Track near the carpet lift where even children can try DH. The Training Track offers and easy and safe way to try mountain biking. We opened a new covered carpet lift on summer 2022! For enduro enthusiasts, Ylläs offers several routes of different lengths and difficulties. For example, Ylläs Bike Park has a popular Full Enduro route that is up to four kilometres long.