Esteetön ylläs

In Ylläs, you can easily experience the feeling of wilderness on accessible routes. You can enjoy stunning fell landscapes, animal tracks, and pristine waters with a wheelchair, rollator, or baby stroller. During the summer months, there are several wide, accessible routes in the Ylläs region that lead to beautiful rest areas in the heart of nature. You can grill sausages in the peaceful summer evening at Kesänkijärvi lean-to, surrounded by Lapland’s silence or take a gondola ride to the top of Yllästunturi fell to admire the panoramic fell views in all directions. During the winter season, there are options for assisted downhill skiing for those with mobility limitations.

What to take into consideration

For the first time on accessible trails, it’s advisable to go with an assistant. Even if the route is mostly easy, there might be a hill or steep ramp that could be too challenging to navigate alone in a wheelchair.

Accessible hiking trails and rest areas during summer season 

Ylläs has invested in wide trails that allow for easy access to rest areas. These trails provide wheelchair accessibility directly to the fireplace area (shelter, hut, or campfire site) and feature an accessible toilet facility.

One of the most stunning trail is the 3.4-kilometer trail to Kesänkijärvi lean-to, which is significantly longer than the average length of accessible trails in Finland, which is less than a kilometer. For those seeking a more secluded destination, you can head to Pyhäjärvi in Aakenus, which is about a half-hour drive away. There’s a 250-meter accessible trail from the parking area to a lean-to, outdoor toilet, and woodshed. This trail is partially challenging.

For a dose of cultural history, in summer you can visit Pakasaivo, located about a half-hour drive away. This sacred lake offers breathtaking canyon-like landscapes and a magical atmosphere. The walk to the viewpoint platform is only a couple of hundred meters.

One of the easiest accessible trails is the route behind the Yllästunturi Nature Centre Kellokas, leading to the edge of a swamp. From there, you can enjoy panoramic views of the opposite fells, Kesänki, and the peaks of Ylläs. You can also explore the exhibitions indoors.

Travel by gondola to the summit of Ylläs fell

One of the absolute best experiences during the summer season is to take the gondola lift up to the top of Ylläs fell, where you can see the entire stunning Ylläs region with its fells. On a clear day, you can even see all the way to Pallastunturi Fells. At the summit of the fell, you can traverse the challenging accessible History Trail with a wheelchair, although the rocky terrain can make it somewhat demanding, and having an assistant is advisable. The Ylläs Ski Resort gondola, located in Ylläsjärvi, operates during the summer season according to the Bike Park’s opening hours.

Assisted downhill skiing is one of the winter activities

People with mobility challenges can experience the thrill of downhill skiing at Ylläs Ski Resort using a BiSki sled. With the help of the skiing sled, even those with severe mobility limitations can enjoy the excitement of skiing on Finland’s longest slopes. The journey up the slopes is made in a gondola lift, and the descent is all about the thrill of speed. Ski schools also offer instruction in adaptive alpine skiing.

Accessible tours

Accessible accommodation

In the Ylläs area, there are accommodations that meet accessibility requirements, especially in hotels. Additionally, Ylläs offers several different restaurants and shops that have taken special needs into account. Accessible taxis are available to assist with transportation.

Yllästunturin luontokeskus Kellokas

Kansallispuiston kaikki kolme luontokeskusta (Ylläs, Pallas ja Tunturi-Lappi) ovat esteettömiä. Yllästunturin luontokeskus Kellokkaan asiakaspalvelu kertoo Pallas-Yllästunturin kansallispuistosta ja sen hienoimmista retkeilyreiteistä. Luontokeskusten näyttelyt perehdyttävät paikalliseen luontoon ja kulttuuriin. Samalla voit vierailla vaihtuvissa taidenäyttelyissä.

Järjestämme ympäri vuoden luontoiltoja ja lukuisia muita tapahtumia. Myymälästämme voit hankkia karttoja ja paikallisia tuotteita ja ihailla tunturimaisemia kahvitellessa.