Holidaying with your furry friend

Pets are welcome in Ylläs, and they are allowed almost everywhere. The area offers plenty of outdoor opportunities for hiking and skiing with your dog amidst the wilderness of the fell landscape. Accommodations often include pet-friendly options, and most restaurants and cafes are welcoming the furry companions.

Ylläs is an excellent destination for travelers with pets, as long as you remember to follow local rules and behave responsibly with your pet.

Please note that your dog must be kept on a leash, even if there are no others visible on the trail.

Also, remember to pick up after your dog to ensure that nature remains a pleasant place for everyone.

Dog-friendly destinations in Ylläs

In Ylläs, there are almost 50 kilometers of dog-friendly skiing trails where you can enjoy skiing with your furry friend, perhaps stopping at a wilderness café to take a break and enjoy some delicious homemade treats. Half of these dog trails are located on the Ylläsjärvi side and half in Äkäslompolo.

During the winter season, the winter hiking trails marked with blue poles and snowshoe trails are also popular areas for walks with dogs. Check the locations of suitable routes on the winter outdoor map.

Dogs are welcome to Ylläs Ski Bus also.

During the summer season, you can hike with your leashed pet on any of Ylläs’ trails. In wilderness huts and other resting places, dogs are allowed indoors if it’s suitable for everyone.

You can take the gondola to the highest peak with your dog

You can also take your furry friend with you to the top of Ylläs Fell using the Gondola lift at Ylläs Ski Resort in Ylläsjärvi. Dog-friendly cabins are specifically marked with a dog symbol.

To the dog park for some fun and play

There are two dog parks in Ylläs, one in Äkäslompolo at the beginning of road Nililahentie, and one in the Ylläsjärvi village across from Ylläs Lake Hotel.

Dog friendly restaurants

In addition to the beautiful outdoor and hiking areas, well-behaved pets are welcome in most of Ylläs’ cafes and restaurants. For example, Velhonkota Wilderness Cafe even offers special treats for dogs, and at Pub Selvä Pyy, you can enjoy a drink and a meal without your dog having to wait outside. On the Ylläsjärvi side, you can dine with your dog at Bar Kaappi and the sophisticated Aurora Estate.

In case of emergencies, there is a veterinarian Markus Kiili in Ylläs. Additionally, you can find municipal veterinarians in Kolari and Kittilä.

Pet friendly accommodation

Pet Friendly restaurants