Play disc golf in stunning fell landscapes

The popular sport of disc golf is a suitable activity for the whole family in the summer. There are as many as 18-hole courses on both sides of Ylläs fell. The use of the disc golf course is free, and the sport can be played for fun or seriously. The Ylläs Ski Resort course, with its significant elevation changes and stunning landscapes, makes it unique on a national scale in Finland.


The course located on the Ylläsjärvi side mostly goes through open fell terrain and starts above the lower station of the gondola lift. You can rent discs from Jemes Sport and Hill Ski Rent.

On the Äkäslompolo side, the course is located in Kaulavaara, at the intersection of Sivulantie and Kaulavaarantie. The nearest rental shops for discs are Äkäslompolo Sport Shop and Sport Corner Ylläs.

Rent discs

One disc is enough

This popular sport is suitable for both groups of friends and the whole family. The game follows the same idea as regular golf, but instead of hitting a ball, you throw a frisbee towards a distant basket. In the beginning, one disc per player is sufficient, especially when it’s all about having fun rather than intense competition. Hitting the target basket with the disc might not be easy, but it’s guaranteed to be fun.

The elevation differences on the course are impressive

The special feature of the Ylläs Ski Resort course is its enormous elevation differences. There are not many similar places in Finland where you can throw a disc uphill as much. The course is also quite challenging, and at higher altitudes in the fell, you need to consider the wind’s effect on the disc’s trajectory. Of course, the landscapes make the experience even more magnificent. On the Äkäslompolo side, the course is situated on flatter terrain. You don’t have to go through all 18 holes with children; you can start with the first five or so. The use of the courses is free.