The gondola lift takes visitors to the top of Ylläs

If you don’t plan to hike up one of Ylläs’ seven fells, taking a gondola ride is definitely in the top 3 list when visiting Ylläs. The 7-minute journey covering two kilometers to an elevation of 719 meters is an exciting experience in itself. Even children and elderly people can easily enjoy the panoramic landscapes from the gondola.

On a clear day, from the summit of Ylläs Fell, you can see the tops of Pallastunturi in the north. In the east, you can see Aakenustunturi and Kumputunturi. In the south, vast forest and swamp areas stretch on both sides of Lake Ylläsjärvi. In the east, you’ll find Kuertunturi and the Äkäslompolo village.

An easy-to-reach scenic spot for people of all fitness levels

The easiest way to perceive the Ylläs region’s fell landscapes from above is to hop on the gondola from Ylläs Ski Resort Ylläsjärvi and ride the lift to the summit of the fell. Up there, you should also try the large swing, which offers the most stunning views towards the north.

The gondola is accessible for wheelchairs and strollers. Each gondola cabin can carry a maximum of eight people at a time. You are allowed to take a pet into cabins marked with a dog symbol.

Services at the top

At the top, you will find a breathtaking view and two great restaurants, Ylläskammi 718 and Restauranta Gondol. During the polar night, the best time to take the lift to the top is around noon when the pastel hues are at their most stunning. The gondola tour ticket takes you both up and down or you can also buy a gondola single way ticket and choose to walk the other way.

Opening hours

During the summer season, gondola lift is open from around Midsummer until the start of October according to the Bike Park’s opening hours. During the winter season, the gondola operates during the opening hours of the Ylläs Ski Resort, roughly from the end of November/beginning of December to around May Day.

However, please note that the lift doesn’t operate in strong winds.