On horseback, you’ll experience nature in a unique way

Riding through the quiet, snowy forest, not a sound can be heard. Only the horse’s calm breath, steaming in the crisp cold air. From atop the horse, you can see far and get closer to nature in a new way. Observe the tracks of other animals on the pristine snow and savor the moment. Horseback riding in the snow is one of the most enjoyable experiences of winter and is suitable even for beginners. Pony rides are available for children year-round.

In the summer, there are even more riding trails to explore. You can also choose a longer horseback ride in the enchanting Lapland nature. If you’re in need of instruction, Ylläs offers regular riding lessons as well.

Book your horseback riding excursion in advance and choose an experience that suits your skill level.

Riding in the winter is an unforgettable experience

Riding in the snow can be a bit more challenging than in the summer, but it’s also highly rewarding. Cold weather requires proper clothing and equipment, but an experienced guide will help ensure that the riding experience is comfortable and safe. From the horse’s back, you have the opportunity to experience the beauty of the winter landscape in all its glory, with snow-covered nature, and spot other forest animals such as reindeer, moose, rabbits, and various birds.

Experience the Midnight Sun horseback riding excursion in Ylläs during the summer

In midsummer, on a horseback riding excursion, you can delve deep into the forests of the Ylläs region, right into the heart of lush nature. You can go on a horseback riding excursion even in the midst of the midnight sun, which is a memorable experience.

The colors of autumn enchant the rider

In the fresh autumn air, you can experience the magnificent Lapland foliage better from the back of a horse. The ground is covered with various shades of orange and red, while the trees glow in bright yellow. Choose a short excursion of a few hours or a longer, full-day adventure through Lapland’s unique fell landscapes. During the summer season, there are also riding camps of different levels available for both children and adults, where you can deepen your own skills.

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