Experience an exotic nature adventure with huskies and reindeer

Have you always dreamed of gliding through the winter wilderness, driving a husky sled? Or experiencing what it’s like to sit in a reindeer-pulled sleigh, in true Lapland style? Animal safaris offer a truly unique way to get close to the nature of Lapland. On a husky sled, you’ll feel how the sled glides silently but swiftly through the enchanting landscapes, adorned with pastel hues and snow-covered trees. Reindeer sleigh rides, on the other hand, allow you to explore the traditional Lappish mode of transportation in a more peaceful manner.

During the winter season, animal safaris are popular day activities in Ylläs, and it’s advisable to make reservations in advance to ensure you don’t miss out on this unique experience.

Huskies make an impression with their enthusiasm

On a husky safari, you get to meet the adorable huskies and experience the thrill of speed. After the initial wild and loud burst of energy, it quickly turns into a silent glide through the enchanting Lapland wilderness, where deep peace and quiet prevail without any other people or disturbances.

How to act on a husky safari

Sled dogs are often Alaskan Huskies, which aren’t a specific breed but a general term for mixed-breed sled dogs that can withstand cold temperatures and enjoy running. In a dog sled team, one person stands on the sled runners, and another person sits in the sled. Positions can be switched during breaks or even during the journey. There’s usually heaps of time for taking photographs.

The number of dogs chosen to pull the sled is based on their ability to comfortably pull two people. It’s essential to listen carefully to the instructions and remember to brake when instructed. The best part of a husky safari is standing on the sled runners and letting the dogs do what they love most – running.

In the Ylläs region, there are various lengths of husky safaris available, from short runs to full-day trips and even week-long expeditions. Remember to give the dogs some extra love and attention as a thank-you after your shared adventure.

Husky safaris and tours

A semi-wild reindeer is a traditional transportation in Lapland

Reindeer safaris offer an experiential way to explore Lapland’s nature and reindeer herding culture. They are suitable for travelers of all ages and skill levels and are especially popular among families.

Reindeer rides are a slower-paced experience compared to dog sledding. Snuggled under warm blankets in the sleigh, there’s time to immerse yourself in the quiet winter forest through which the reindeer gently walk. Reindeer are still partly wild animals, which means they aren’t as easy to handle as fully domesticated animals like horses.

During the summer months, reindeer roam freely in the forests, so they don’t become as accustomed to humans as animals kept in enclosures. Therefore, reindeer safaris always include a knowledgeable guide to lead or drive the sleigh. Reindeer also don’t particularly enjoy being petted, even though you might be tempted to give them a pat.

Visit a reindeer farm

A visit to a reindeer farm is worth experiencing, as it allows you to learn more about the history of reindeer herding and the life that both humans and reindeer lead in Lapland today. Feeding the reindeer is also part of the program during the visit.

Reindeer safaris and tours