Ethical purchases for outdoor activities and souvenirs

Ylläs offers a comprehensive selection of shops for outdoor enthusiasts. There’s no need to go elsewhere for shopping because within the same area, you can find high-quality clothing and equipment for outdoor activities, as well as ethically made designer clothing for work or leisure, not to mention local handicrafts and souvenirs.

Ylläksellä on useita erilaisia ​​liikkeitä, jotka myyvät matkamuistoja, ulkoiluvarusteita joka lajiin, ruokaa, juomia ja muita tavaroita.

The largest shopping centers are located in Äkäslompolo, at Jouni Shopping Center, and in its vicinity, as well as on the Ylläsjärvi side, at Ylläs Ski Resort Ylläsjärvi. You will undoubtedly find the outdoor clothing, equipment, and souvenirs you need there. There are also a few grocery stores in the area: the famous K-market Jounin kauppa in Äkäslompolo, K-market Eelin kauppa in Ylläsjärvi village, and a small grocery store at Ylläs Ski Resort Ylläsjärvi. Liquor store Alko is located within K-market Jounin kauppa.

Local handicraft shops sell traditional Finnish handicrafts such as wool sweaters, woolen socks, leather gloves and hats, as well as handcrafted wooden items like kuksa (wooden cups), knives, and other hiking and decorative items.

There are also several restaurants and cafes in the area where you can enjoy delicious meals and refreshments after shopping.