To the top of the fells by snowmobile

In the Ylläs region, there are an impressive 410 kilometers of snowmobile trails. The well-maintained routes vary in difficulty and offer diverse landscapes, ensuring there’s something for snowmobilers of all skill levels. A unique feature in Ylläs is the opportunity to ride a snowmobile all the way up to Kuertunturi and Yllästunturi, which is a rare treat in Finland.

What makes snowmobiling routes in Ylläs especially appealing is their diversity. There are long and short rides across flat swamps, through the forest, and even along the mountain ridges. When snowmobiling near Ylläs, services are always close by. On an evening excursion, there are excellent chances to witness the magnificent Northern Lights if the sky is clear.

Rent a snowmobile

Loop trail for every taste

For snowmobile enthusiasts, Ylläs offers several different circuit routes to explore. A popular route is the classic Ylläsjärvi-Hannukainen-Kuertunturi-Ylläsjärvi route, which is approximately 40-kilometer long. This route provides the best views of Ylläs, both in the forests and on the fells.

For beginners looking for a fun trip, snowmobiling to the magnificent Lapland Hotels SnowVillage in Lainio is a great option. The round trip from Ylläsjärvi covers a distance of just over 20 kilometers.

If you prefer tranquility, head south from Ylläs to the authentic lake villages of Kolari. The routes are in excellent condition, and you won’t see many other travelers.

Guided snowmobile tours and safaris

The skilled guides in the area will take you to the best routes

With a guide, a snowmobile excursion becomes effortless – you don’t have to worry about where to go and can focus on enjoying the ride. Rental shops provide all the necessary equipment for snowmobiling, from warm boots and gloves to coveralls.


Please remember that snowmobiling is prohibited in national park, and you must always stay on marked routes. The general speed limit for snowmobiling is 60km/h unless otherwise stated, and a driver’s license is required. Snowmobile trails are intended for snowmobiles only.

By purchasing the Ylläs outdoor map, you also support the maintenance of snowmobile trails. Also Trail Fee are used to prepare the trails.