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Contact details

Visit Ylläs (Ylläksen Markkinointi Oy)
Tunturintie 54, FI-95970 Äkäslompolo

Business id: 2477231-2

Contact by email:

What data we collect?

Customer register contains at least email address. Often also

  • Other contacts details
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Source
  • Webshop activity
  • Website usage data
  • Newsletter usage data

From businesses

  • Contact name(s), email addresses, industry, activities

Trail fee register includes also

  • Customer number


  • Web urls, follower counts, details

Event organisators

  • Event details like size

Data source is often

  • Website user
  • User who took part in event or competition
  • Business’ signer
  • Influencer who contact us
  • Event organizer itself
  • Trail fee payer itself

How we use the data?

  • To send Ylläs newsletter
  • For map customer service
  • Keeping in touch with businesses
  • Contacting influencers and event organizers
  • Contact trail fee payers


You can unsubscribe at any time by pressing “Unsubcribe” at the end of a newsletter.

If you want to check your data delete data, contact us.

You have right to make a complaint to Finnish Privacy

Time the data is kept

We store the data as long as it is needed for the register and/or usage mentioned above.

Some data is also kept longer if for example law requires it.

Moving data to other systems

If needed we move the data to accounting.

changes are possible

We are working on systems and marketing all the time. So it is possible the privacy policy changes too. We inform you about the major changes via email.


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