Lapland Taxi

Lapland Taxi – and you’ll get to where you need to be. We are a taxi service in operation since 2002. Our headquarters are at lake Ylläsjärvi, in Kolari, Finland. We offer safe and care-free taxi servicing, our local drivers will deliver you and your companions to your needed destination every time. We usually drive Kittilä – Levi – Kolari – Ylläs route but we can also drive to Ivalo, Inari and Rovaniemi routes as needed. We have Mercedes-Benz Vito (8+1), Volkswagen Transporter (8+1), and Mercedes-Benz henkilöauto (4+1). We can do: – Airport taxi Kittilä and Rovaniemi – Train Station taxi Kolari and Rovaniemi – Single person or group taxi with 1+8 group taxi car or 1+4 passenger car – Kela-taxi – Drives requiring seating for small children – Others, contact us and we’ll work it out! Call or send us an email. You can also book a taxi from our website.