Get those happy hormones buzzing with ice swimming and sauna!

Nothing beats the feeling that arises after a wood-heated sauna and dip in the cold water. A state of mind you might get addicted to! In Ylläs, you can find reservation saunas with ice holes or hot tubs to suit every taste.

For Finns, the sauna is a place for meetings, relaxation, and celebrations. After an active day outdoors, taking a sauna is almost a mandatory ritual. Cooling off can be done by sitting on the terrace, rolling in the snow, or taking a dip in the ice hole.

How about a sauna and a hot tub at the top of Ylläs or in the gondola lift?

Finland is known as the home of sauna, and in Ylläs, you have plenty of choices. In addition to traditional saunas, you can also choose the sauna located at the top of Yllästunturi, the highest peak in Finland, with a refreshing hot tub. Alternatively, you can reserve the sauna gondola and admire the stunning views while enjoying the sauna experience. The gondola makes three rounds up and down, accommodating up to four people for a delightful time.

In Luosu, Rönölä offers a variety of saunas from a modern panoramic sauna to a traditional smoke sauna. There are also other smoke saunas in the area.

Lapland Hotels Saaga, on the other hand, offers not only a traditional sauna but also a steam sauna and an infrared sauna in its Wellness area.

Where can you go ice swimming in the Ylläs area?

You can go ice swimming in Äkäslompolo, Ylläsjärvi, and Luosujärvi, but only in connection with sauna rentals. Without a prior reservation, you can also take a dip at the Luosujärvi lakeside café during the cafe’s opening hours.

The benefits of ice swimming

Cold exposure triggers an endorphin rush, increasing dopamine such as the happy hormone. As a result, a relaxed feeling envelops both the body and mind. This sensation can be so addictive that ice swimming becomes a long-term hobby. Cold water can also help with various pain conditions, and regular ice swimming can improve metabolism, circulation, heart function, and reduce stress, among other benefits.

It’s important to remember not to jump directly from the sauna into cold water; instead, let the body cool down slightly before heading into the ice. It’s advisable to protect the head with a hat and wear socks or slippers on your feet. Deep and calm breathing helps with the cold shock. The benefits of cold water can be obtained in less than a minute, so there’s no need to stay in the water for an extended period – often, just a quick dip is sufficient. More experienced ice swimmers may spend a minute or two in the water.