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New: In summer we also show water temperature in Lake Ylläsjärvi and river Kesänkijoki/lake Äkäslompolo.

On a non-windy winter day in higher up in the fells it is often 10-15°C – even up to 30°C! – warmer than down in the villages due to the inversio. So you can escape the crisp weather to for example Ylläs Ski Resort or Visitor Center!

Observations are updated mainly every 15 minutes.
Temperature accuracy is ±0,5°C but please note that the microclimates vary a lot.

Currently open trails

Cross country skiing285km
Winter Biking & Walking Trails75km
Snowshoeing Trails50km
Snowmobile Trails325km

Nightless Night & Midnight Sun: 30.5.–13.7.

Polar night: December-January. In Äkäslompolo Village polar nights lasts up to 50 days as fells blocks the sun.

The Northern Lights are magic in the sky

Travelers from all around the world come to Ylläs to admire the magical Northern Lights. The Northern Lights are always different, which makes them even more captivating.