First by Nature

Clean nature and local culture is great part of Ylläs brand. We promote sustainable marked trails for activities and high quality local services.

Is traveling and tourism sustainable at all?

Matkailussa suurimmat päästöt aiheutuvat yleensä matkoista – mitä lähemmäs matkustaa, sitä vähemmän päästöjä syntyy. Siksi on parempi matkustaa vaikka Helsingistä Ylläkselle kuin Keski-Eurooppaan saati kauemmas. Myös kulkuvälineellä on paljon merkitystä: juna on vähäpäästöisin ja lentokoneen aiheuttaa eniten päästöjä.

In tourism, the biggest emissions are usually caused by travel – the closer you travel, the less emissions are generated. That’s why it’s better to travel from Helsinki to Ylläs, for example, than to Central Europe, let alone further. The mode of transport also matters a lot: the train has the lowest emissions and the airplane causes the most emissions.

Certified companies in ylläs

Tips for sustainable travel

Most imporant is to consume as little as possible.

There is no trash bins in trails. Bring all trash back from the nature to your accommodation.

Tap water is super good in finland

In Ylläs tap water is fresh like spring water – it is very pure naturally so it does even not need purification. We highly recommend filling your thirst from the tap instead of buying water or soft drinks in bottles.

How to use less energy

  • Close doors and windows especially in winter.
  • Comfortable interior temperature is 20-21ºC. Lowering the temperature by one degree C reduces consumption by 5%.
  • Heat the sauna the time you need, not all day.
  • Preheating car in winter reduces emissions. Time vary by the temperature, see table.
TemperatureBlock heaterWebasto, Eberspärcher etc.
0 … -5ºC30 min10-15 min
-5 … -10ºC1 h15-20 min
-10ºC …2 h20-30 min

How to spare water

  • Wash dishes in a modern washer and only when maschine is full. No need to rinse dishes prior putting into machine.
  • Close tap when not needed. Taps run about 8 liters a minute.
  • Be quick in shower. Close water while soaping.
  • Check that toilet etc. does not leak and fix/change as needed.


Enjoy walks and public tranportation – Transportation emissions are huge

  • Prefer train and bus.
  • In Ylläs most distances are short so walk, bike, ski and use Ski Bus
  • Turn off the car if you stop for over a minute.

Eat everything you buy

  • Buy only what you can eat, as the food have traveled a long distance even to the shop
  • Freeze for later
  • Enjoy vegetarian food. Meat production produces many times more emissions and feeds less people.